Swanlake is a picturesque romantic natural outdoor wedding and event venue located in Mar Moussa- Al Douar in Northern Metn, on the top of a rocky forest cliff, only 20 minutes by car from Beirut using Baabdat- President Emile Lahoud Express Highway.

10,000 m2 of green turf, roses, trees, gardens, and a vast natural lake where Swans, Flamingos and Exotic Ducks live over the summer season, is the perfect place for your outstanding exotic and crazy wedding or event.

Swanlake is designed in a chameleon way to adapt and take the shape of any desired theme.

Located on a 70 m high sheer, overlooking untouched green mountains, valleys and the glazing Mediterranean Sea, Swanlake is a place where hosts and guests can embrace the beauty of the sceneries and enjoy the fresh pleasant climate all season long with no fog, nor the annoying humidity of the hot summer nights.

Description of the venue

Swanlake is divided into 3 leveled zones:

Level 1:

  Car Entrance & Parking Lots
A natural parking area of 2,500m2 that can accommodate up to 250cars.

Level 2: (2m below level1)

  A Ceremony Area

  A Welcome Drink Area surrounding a 1,000m2 Natural Lake

  Traditional Stone House
A 50m2 house with private access, is offered to the bride and groom to use on their D-Day. It overlooks the lake, the welcome drink and the dinner area.

Level 3: (3m below level 2)

  Coliseum Half Circles Dinner Area
Four leveled half circle areas angled toward the rocky sheer and the amazing views, that can accommodate big weddings and events as well as smaller ones.

Private access to the 50m2 kitchen with a restroom for staff is located close to the dinner area at a lower level.

  Rest Rooms
Three Guests Rest rooms for each gender are halfway located between the welcome drink and the dinner area.

  Changing Space
A changing space for zaffee, band or others

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